Dream of Dust (Burkina Faso: 2008)


Laurent Salgues

Cast list

 Makena Diop: Mocktar

Rasmane Ouedraogo: Thiam

Adama Ouédraogo: Amadé Sana

Souleymane Souré: Paté

Fatou Tall-Salgues: Coumba

Joseph B. Tapsoba: Tidiane


Writer: Laurent Salgues

Music by: Jean Massicotte , Mathieu Vanasse

Cinematography by: Crystel Fournier

Film Editing by: Annie Jean

Production Design by: Bill Mamadou Traoré

Costume Design by: Martine Somé


A Nigerian peasant comes looking for work in Essakane, a dusty gold mine in Northeast Burkina Faso, where he hopes to forget the past that haunts him. For countless hours, days and weeks on end, the employees of a mining camp burrow long tunnels into the sand in search of increasingly elusive nuggets. When one is found, economic circumstances improve for all; when the tunnels collapse, the workers lose their lives, new teams are reeled in, and the process begins anew The two ma characters are a Nigerian farmer Mocktar, still dealing with a personal tragedy. Nevertheless, he demonstrates great tenacity by climbing into the scorching tunnels each morning; and his female partner, the gorgeous Coumba, is also dealing with the unexpected death of most of her family, and her consequent need to raise her daughter on her own.


Jugu Abraham. "Dream od Dust" Internet movie database reviews


Kerala International Film Festival 2008

Nominated Golden Crow Pheasant

Laurent Salgues



Sundance Film Festival 2007

Nominated Grand Jury Prize

World Cinema – Dramatic

Laurent Salgues