The Nightingale’s Prayer (Egypt, Miscellaneous: 1959)


Henry Barakat

Cast list

Faten Hamama                   Amna

Ahmed Mazhar                   The Engineer

Amina Rizk

Zahrat El-Ola                       Henady

Abdel Alim Khattab           Uncle Gabber

Mimi Chakib                         Zanooba

Raga El Geddawy                Khadeega


Writing Credits: Taha Hussein and Youssef Gohar


Amna’s sister is killed by her uncle because she destroyed their family’s honor. Amna seeks revenge on the man, an engineer, that was responsible for soiling their family’s name, whom she sees as directly responsible for sister’s death. She becomes the engineer’s maid, and attempts to kill him, but all of her attempts fail. The two fall in love. However, when her uncle realizes what Amna has done, he goes to the engineer’s house to kill her, but the engineer takes the bullet for her.


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