Faisal Goes West (2012) (Sudan: 2012)


Synopsis: Faisal, a young man from Sudan who immigrates to Texas hoping to attend university and make his family proud as well as earn money to atone for his mistakes, finds himself instead working on a chicken farm. The film won accolades at a wide number of international film festivals, including the Sudan Independent Film Festival, the Luxor African Film Festival and the London Short Film Festival.

Director: Bentley Brown

Written by: Bentley Brown


Ramey Dawoud- Faisal

Yassir Dirar- Tahir

Azmi Abusam- Adil

Troy Smtih- Immigration Officer

Dan Probst- Farmer Frank

Tamador Gibreel- Hana

Helen Goodvin- Samia


Faisal Goes West, Tank Magazine (print)