Bayiri, La Patrie (Burkina Faso: 2011)


S. Pierre Yaméogo

Cast list

  • Biba : Tina Hatou Ouédraogo
  • Zodo : Bil Aka Kora
  • Mouna : Aïda Kaboré
  • Zalissa : Blandine Yaméogo
  • Opposant : Abdoulaye Komboudry
  • Marie : Madina Traoré
  • Joseph : Joseph Traoré


Awards:  Grand Prix Ousmane Sembène, Festival du Cinéma Africain de Khourigba, Maroc (2012)

Genre : Drama

Runtime : 90min.

Production : Dunia Productions, Les Films de l'Espoir

Music : Bil Aka Kora, Rémi Dapere, Ludwig Gorhan


Biba a young Burkinabe woman is caught in the horror of warfare and displacement. As her village in Ivory Coast is found under attack, she, along with her fellow villagers of Burkinabe origin, will embark on a journey to reach Burkina Faso and save their lives. During a search at the border between Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso, she will be separated from her mother and raped by an evil Ivorian rebel chief. While seeking shelter in a refugee camp in Burkina Faso with her two friends Mouna and Marie, Biba will have to overcome the evils of sickness, solitude, violence and death…


Barlet, Olivier. Bayiri, La Petite Patrie de S. Pierre Yaméogo, (Africultures: May 13th 2017), April 8th 2018

Samuel F. Bernard

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