Monia Et Rama (Burkina Faso: 2002)


Apolline Traoré

Cast list

Amélie Mbaye

Edgar Moné

Rasmané Ouédraogo

Aîssé Laty Traoré

Désiré Yaméogo

Jeanne d'Arc Yaméogo


Set in Burkina Faso, Monia and Rama are inseparable young friends but have a misunderstanding because of a young attractive frivolous man named Sharif. Rama is seduced by Sherif and Monia finds out from a childhood friend named Aline. Rama marries Sharif but is abandoned by him due to the fact that she is sterile. Monia then becomes pregnant with Sharif’s child and moves in with him. Rama is upset by this and kills Sharid but Monia takes the blame for the crime and is imprisoned instead of Rama. The overarching theme of this TV series is to show how pride prevents the resolution of a misunderstanding and how it can destroy a friendship. It also emphasizes that love and friendship are always stronger, despite the worst stress, despair and hatred.


Bronwen Pugsley, Challenging Perspectives: Documentary Practices in Films by Women from Francophone Africa. University of Nottingham (Thesis)

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