Rêve d’un Villageois (Dream of a Villager) (Burundi: 2012)


Mahoro Djuma

Cast list

Nyandwi- Karenzo Djuma

Mother of the twins-Riziki Mbarushimana

The twins-Butoyi & Bukuru

Mahoro Djuma

Ndikumasabo Khalidi

Habonimana Taty


Seifu Djuma

Uwimana Amissi


Irakoze Karine



Irakoze Raya


Jintre Jintrino


Producer: Kasongo Reagen

Director : Mahoro Djuma

Associate producers : Kasongo Reagen & Habonimana Taty

Script : Irakoze Josiane

Sub-titles : Michael Pele Twite

Editor: Kasongo Reagen

Set designer : Habonimana Taty

Researchers : Habonimana Taty, Mahoro Djuma, Irakoze Karine, Ndikumasabo Khalidi

Travel : Buja arts films

Camera : Kasongo Reagen

Music : Kasongo Reagen assisted by Habonimana Taty

Sound mixers : A-Tzo & Sulex Touch (Kisu Record)

"S ‘agamba Burundi" by Ngambo Léonce

"Burundi" by Canco Amissi

"Nyegera" by Chrisphe Matata

"Dunia ya Salama" by Khadja nine

"SIDA" by Kidum


This short film follows the journey  of a young man who seems to have awoke years into the future. He journeys out from the dense jungle canopy into a heavily populated city and meanders through modern life; confused and out of touch with the technological, societal, linguistic, and economic changes that have taken place. The film seems to question traditional village life and values and their place in the context of modern Africa.