Title Country Year Director
Naked Reality Cameroon 2016 Jean-Pierre Bekolo
When Paul came over the Sea Cameroon 2017 Jakob Preuss
Pousse-Pousse Cameroon 1976 Daniel Kamwa
Dream Kweens Cameroon 2007 Ebeny Armstrong & Lady Kate Njeuma
Fragments de Vies Cameroon 1999 François Woukoache
Sisters In Law Cameroon 2005 Florence Ayisi & Kim Longinotto
Ninah’s Dowry Cameroon 2012 Victor Viyuoh
Chocolat Cameroon 1988 Claire Denis
Le President Cameroon 2013 Jean-Pierre Bekolo
Les Saignantes Cameroon 2005 Jean-Pierre Bekolo
Quartier Mozart Cameroon 1992 Jean-Pierre Bekolo
Le Complot d’Aristote Cameroon 1996 Jean-Pierre Bekolo
Notre fille Cameroon 1980 Daniel Kamwa
Chief! Cameroon 1999 Jean-Marie Teno
A Trip to the Country Cameroon 2000 Jean-Marie Teno
The Colonial Misunderstanding Cameroon 2004 Jean-Marie Teno
Sacred Places Cameroon 2009 Jean-Marie Teno
Clando Cameroon 1996 Jean-Marie Teno
Mah Saah-Sah Cameroon 2014 Daniel Kamwa
Le Cercle Des Pouvoirs Cameroon 2014 Daniel Kamwa
Totor Cameroon 2014 Daniel Kamwa
Boubou-Cravate Cameroon 1972 Daniel Kamwa
Le Grand Blanc de Lambaréné Cameroon 1995 Bassek Ba Kobhio
Sango Malo Cameroon 1991 Bassek Ba Kobhio
Le Prix de la Liberté Cameroon 1978 Jean-Pierre Dikongue-Pipa
Badiaga Cameroon 1984 Jean-Pierre Dikongué Pipa
Histoires drôles et drôles de gens Cameroon 1983 Jean-Pierre Dikongué Pipa
Muna Moto Cameroon 1975 Jean-Pierre Dikongué Pipa
Two Ways Cameroon 2016 Elvis Tanwie
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