Anna l’enchantee (Congo: 2001)


Monique Mbeka Phoba


Producers: Karaba Productions, Trafik Film


Anna is African. She lives in Benin, a small country in West Africa, in a polygamous family of 5 women and 31 children. Anna was only 17 but sings like a diva. After earning a scholarship she left the country towards France, to study singing and music during 3 months. But there, in Europe, it quickly becomes disillusioned. She misses her family and her culture too. Anna returned to Benin; after three months in France she had enough. Anna changed and her reunion with her family, her country and its traditions are not done smoothly.

When Anna advocates equality between man and wife, her mother states she should not talk about that in Africa and not follow the example of European women. "Anna, the enchanted" is the contemporary history of thousands of African and African. A rare opportunity to see Africa as seen by Africans themselves, and finger the clash of cultures on a planet that is said village to the era of globalization.

Two years after the filming of this movie, Benin officially recognized gender equality and makes monogamy standard. The question is what will the force of law against that of tradition.


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