Badiaga (Cameroon: 1984)


Jean-Pierre Dikongué Pipa

Cast list

Justine Sengue
Alexandre Zanga


Writing Credits: Jean-Pierre Dikongué Pipa


Badiaga follows the rules of a classical tragedy: A three year old girl is abandoned on a food market and is sheltered and raised by a deaf and dumb vagrant. They develop a very strong bond. Badiaga daydreams about becoming a famous singer, and listens in total fascination to the artists who sing in the different cafes where she wanders. One day she has the chance of singing on the radio a song which becomes a national hit. From that moment onwards, she holds a nonstop succession of concerts. In love with her career, she refuses any romantic relations and searches desperately for her origins. This story was inspired by the life of Beti-Beti, a legendary Cameroon singer.


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Jul 2010.

Production: Cameroun Spectacles

Tanit d’Or at Carthage Film Festival (1987)



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