Cabralista (Cape Verde: 2011)


Valerio Lopes

Cast list

Arnaldo Teixeira

Alfred Muzwakhe Sigudhla

Dominique Rocha

Ebenezer M. Oyetakin

Valerio Lopes

Cassandra Lobo

Mamadu Anabias


Producer: Henrique Teixeira De Freitas

Executive Producer: Valerio Lopes

Camera: Felix Andrade

Cinematographer: Miguel Santos


Cabralista is the first Episode of a documentary trilogy by director Valerio Lopes. It asserts a number of theory-based ideas born around Amilcar Cabral and the independents and human rights movements he led mainly in the 1960'ies.

This episode of the trilogy reflects the collective memory, how Amilcar Cabral, arguably one of the greatest revolutionary thinkers of the 20th century, is remembered. The goal of this documentary was to make the term "Cabralism" mainstream, by first defining, then naming Amilcar Cabral's theories and concepts whose influence reverberated far beyond the African continent. (Written by Afryk)


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