Bab El Web (Algeria: 2005)


Merzak Allouache

Cast list

Samy Naceri
Julie Gayet
Hacène Benzerari
Boualem Benani
Bakhta Benouis
Yacine Mesbah
Farida Saboundji
Sofia Nouacer



Produced by: Pierre Benque

Music: D.J. Abdel Valmont

Cinematography: Antoine Roch

Editing: Sylvie Gadmer

Casting: Sarah Teper


Set in the Bab el Oued quarter of Algiers, this film follows brothers Bouzid and Kamel, who live in the city with their mother and sister. Bouzid chats with strangers in a cybercafe on the internet and boldly invites them to visit, confident that none ever will. To his surprise, a woman named Laurence from Paris accepts, and the two brothers do their best to ensure that she has a good time in Algiers. Yet Laurence has a connection to Algeria of which Bouzid and Kamel are unaware, and this secret link is the true reason for her unexpected visit.


Lisa Nesselson, Review: 'Bab el Web.' Variety (online entertainment newspaper)


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