Barakat! (Algeria: 2006)


Djamila Sahraoui

Cast list

Amel: Rachida Brakni

Khadidja: Fattouma Ousliha Bouamari

Le Vieil Homme: Zahir Bouzerar

Nadia: Malika Belbey

Bilal: Amine Kedam

Karim: Ahmed Berrhama

L'homme du barrage: Abdelbacet Benkhalifa

Le policier: Abdelkrim Beriber

Homme accueil hôpital: Ahmed Benaissa

Hadj Slimane: Mohamed Bouamari

Le chanteur: Mohamed Himour

L'épicier: Mustapha Ayad

Le Dragueur: Yacine Moussouni


Co-producer: Lotfi Bouchouchi

Producer: Richard Copans

Executive Producer: Nelly Mabilat

Music: Alla

Cinematography: Katell Djian

Film Editing: Catherine Gouze

Casting: Maya Serrulla, Nadjet Taibouni

Production Design: Ramdane Kacer

Costume Design: Fatiha Soufi

Key makeup artist: Rachida Messaad

Production Manager: Jean-Christophe Cardineau

Foley Artist: Bertrand Boudaud

Sound: Olivier Schwob

Still Photographer: Mohamed Cherif Abada

Camera Operator: Raphaël O'Byrne

Assistant Editor: Nicolas Milteau

Translator (English Subtitles): Jennifer Gay

Translator: Zoubida Larab

Script Supervisor: Isabelle Le Grix

Administrator: Saïd Mokdad


Set in 1990s when Algeria is in the middle of a civil war, Barakat! follows two women, Amel, a doctor, and Khadija, a women who fought against the French for independence as a young girl. Believing Amel’s husband to be captured by Islamic terrorists, they band together for their search for Amel’s husband. During their search, they come into conflict not only with terrorists, but with each other. With a difference in how they live their lives and their political views, they struggle to work together in order to save amel’s husband.


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