La Nouba des Femmes du Mont Chenoua (Algeria: 1979)


Assia Djebar

Cast list

Zohra Sahraoui
Aïcha Medeljar
Fatma Serhan
Kheira Amrane
Fatma Oudai
Khedija Lekhal


Produced by: 

Ahmed Sedjane
Cherif Abboun
Hamni Farid

Editing: Nicole Schlemmer and Aresky Haddadi

Music: Bela Bartok


Lila is a woman returning to Algeria fifteen years after the end of the war for independence--a war that shaped her childhood and gave her lingering, inescapable memories. In Algeria, she forges new connections with Algerian women who share with her their traditions, their strength, their experience, and their resistance.


La Nouba Des Femmes Du Mont Chenoua (1979)The New York Times

The Nouba of the Women of Mount Chenoua (La Nouba des femmes du Mont-Chenoua)Doha Film Institute 

Academic Articles:

Bensmaïa, Réda and Jennifer Curtiss Gage. "La Nouba des Femmes du Mont Chenoua: Introduction to the Cinematic Fragment." World Literature Today 70.4 (1996): 877-884.

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