Normal! (Algeria: 2009)


Merzak Allouache

Cast list

Nabil: Nabil Asli
Amina: Adila Bendimerad
Mina: Mina Lachter
Lamia: Nouah Matlouti
Fouzi: Nadjib Oulebsir


Music: Yahia Bouchaala

Cinematography: Hocine Hadjali

Editing: Nadia Ben Rachid and Lucile Sautarel


This film follows the story of Fouzi, an Algerian filmmaker who, several years earlier, created an unfinished film about youth and artistic expression. Now, the Arab Spring has begun in Tunisia and Egypt; streets are filled with protests. Fouzi has chosen this troubled moment to take another look at his abandoned work. He wishes to reunite his actors to show them the film in its unfinished state, to ask for their reactions and their opinions, and to truly finish the film. This viewing sparks a debate about art, creation, censorship, revolution, and film's role in that revolution.


Jay Weissberg, Review: 'Normal." Variety (online entertainment magazine)

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