Omar Gatlato (Algeria, Senegal: 1970)


Merzak Allouache

Cast list

Boualem Benani
Aziz Degga
Farida Guenaneche
Rabah Leghaa
Abdelkader Chaou
Krimo Baba Aïssa
Areski Nebti


Music: Ahmed Malek

Cinematography: Smaïl Lakhdar-Hamina

Editing: Moufida Tlatli

Sound: Kamel Mekesser


Set in the Bab el-Oued quarter of Algiers, this film follows the life of a lively young man named Omar who spends his time with his group of young peers. When Omar receives a tape from a friend, he becomes fascinated by the voice of a woman he has never met and forms a preconceived notion of what she will look like--yet when he meets her, she defies all of his expectations. This film explores the expression of masculinity in Algerian society.


Al-Rudjla, Umar Qatlatu. Omar GatlatoArab Film Distribution (online resource)

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