Permis D’Aimer (Algeria: 2005)


Rachida Krim

Cast list

Fejria Deliba
Charles Berling
Sofia Boutella
Farida Rahouadj
Souad Amidou
Karim Saleh
Djida Belhaddad
Benhaissa Ahouari
Taidir Ouazine
Farida Ouchani
Meriem Serbah
Abdelkrim Bahloul
Tassadit Mandhi
Claudine Baschet
Pascal Perriz
David Buniaz


Screenplay: Rachida Krim and Catherine Rambert

Music: Safy Boutella


Malika is a fourty year old Algerian widow who works in a school cafeteria. Her daughter, Lila, was raised with principles of her mother's Algerian culture. When her daughter is set to marry a man she truly seems to love who also fits into her ban on mixed marriages, Malika is excited and happy. But then, she falls in love with a man, Jean, against her own principles and a love affair ensues.


Jaegle, Yves. Permis D'AimerLe Parisien (online magazine). 27 Oct. 2005.

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