Sous les Pieds des Femmes (Algeria: 1997)


Rachida Krim

Cast list

Claudia Cardinal
Nadia Fares
Fejria Deliba
Mohamad Bakri
Yorgo Voyagis
Bernadette Lafont
Carim Messalti
Hamid Tassili
Cecilia Peck
Roland Bertin
Guy Bedos
Catherine Samie
Kader Boukhanef


Eric Atlan
Andre Farwagi
Rachida Krim
Catherine Lubreyere-Colas
Bernard Cavalie
Michel Vionnet
Denis Breton
Monique Prim
Claude Dumont
Alexandre Desplat
Yves Cassagne
Odile Voyer


After more than thirty years of living in a small, French town, an Algerian Couple--Aya and Moncef--are revisited by an old friend, Amin, who was the old FLN leader of the War for Independence. His return evokes the story of Aya and Moncef's role in the revolution, told through flashbacks of Aya's and how she came to find a certain type of independence within herself.

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