The Battle of Algiers (Algeria: 1966)


Gillo Pontecorvo

Cast list

Jean Martin                    Colonel Mathieu

Yacef Saadi                     Djafar

Brahim Hadjadj             Ali La Pointe

Tommaso Neri               Captain

Samia Kerbash               Fathia

Ugo Paletti                      Captain

Fusia El Kader               Halima

Franco Moruzzi             (as Franco Morici)

Mohamed Ben Kassen   Petit Omar



The Battle of Algiers is a historical war film based on the events of the Algerian War of 1954-62. The film depicts the struggle between the FLN (Front de Libération Nationale/ National Liberation Front) and the French colonial powers in Algeria, particularly through means of guerilla warfare. The story is primarily told through Ali la Pointe, a real-life guerilla leader of the FLN (portrayed by Brahim Haggiag). Aside from the character of French Colonel Mathieu (Jean Martin), the film used primarily Algerian actors, including many real-life members of the FLN, and thousands of Algerian actors as extras. Because the film was shot on location in Algiers, Pontecorvo specifically notes in the credits that “not one foot” of documentary or newsreel footage was used in its production. While the film was considered controversial upon its initial release, The Battle of Algiers is still considered to have universal relevance today.


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