Un Amour à Paris (Algeria: 1987)


Merzak Allouache

Cast list

Marie: Catherine Wilkening
Ali: Karim Alloui
Mona: Juliet Berto
Benoît: Daniel Cohn-Bendit
Policier: Michel Such, Mostefa Djadjam, Isabelle Weingarten
Albert: Xavier Maly
Khera aka "Zorro de la Goutte d'Or": Zaira Benbabis
Justine: Sophie Vignaux


Produced by: Brigitte Haegeli and Youcef Tobni

Music: Jean-Marie Sénia

Cinematography: Jean-Claude Larrieu

Editing: Marie-Josée Audiard

Casting: Nathalie Moutoz



This film is a love story that follows the relationship between a man named Ali and a woman named Marie who meet in Paris. Marie, a young Jewish woman from Algeria, dreams of becoming a model; Ali, a French Arab and ex-convict, dreams of becoming an astronaut.

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