Vivantes! (Algeria: 2006)


Saïd Ould Khelifa

Cast list

Rym Takoucht
Bahia Rechedi
Samia Meziane
Larbi Zekal


Produced by: Martine De Clermont-Tonnerre


Selma is an Algerian woman who leaves her small village to travel south to the Sahara, where she lives in a makeshift camp and hopes to earn a living doing housework. In the camp, she joins many other women from all around the country; among them is Noune, a woman from Paris. Noune is searching for her child who was taken by her ex-husband. One night, Selma and the other women are attacked and raped; their new lives have ended in horror. Yet Selma refuses to give up her life, and begins a long journey for justice and for recognition of the pain she has endured.


Vivantes du Réalisateur Saïd Ould Khelifa: Un Combat de FemmesLe Soir d'Algerie (online Algerian newspaper)

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