Our Preacher (Egypt: 2016)


Magdy Ahmed Aly

Cast list

Amr Saad
Ahmed Magdi
Reham Haggag
Ramzy Al Adl
Eyad Akram
Ahmed Rateb
Lotfy Labib
Bayomi Fouad
Helmi Fouda
Magdi Fikry
Ahmed Alshami


Written by: Magdy Ahmed Aly, Ibrahim Essa

Cinematography by: Ahmed Bishary

Edited by: Soulafa Nour El-Deen


"A richly detailed, yet swift-moving credit sequence establishes the meteoric rise of preacher Hatem El-Shinawy (Saad), from humble religious halls to historic mosques and his own TV show.  Sheikh Hatem stands out in a society influenced by fundamentalist views... From leading the prayers at a government mosque to becoming a popular TV celebrity issuing fatwas that deviate from the traditional religious rhetoric, he has amassed millions of fans."


Mohamed Zaki, "Egyptian film 'Mawlana' provokes outcry over view of religion and state". Reuters (online magazine)

Jay Weissber, "Film Review: 'The Preacher'". Variety (online magazine)

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