Sarikat Sayfeya (Egypt: 1988)


Yusri Nasrallah

Cast list

Ahmad Mohamad Ahmad... Yasser

Chohdi Srour... Yasser

Menha Batraoui... Mona

Mona Zakareya... Reema

Lili Bellenis... Grandmother

Amira Ghazalla... Sister


Producers... Youssef Cahine

Marianna Khoury

Original Music... Omar Khairat

Cinematography... Ramses Marzouk

Film Editing... Rahma Mointasser

Production Design... Onsi Abou Seif

Costume Design... Nahed Nasrallah

Costume and Wardrobe... Gihane Abdel Latif


Set in 1961 during Nasser's Land reforms, Summer Thefts is about two best friends- one the son of a bourgeois landowner, Yasser, and the other the son of an Egyptian peasant, Leil. One summer the boys decide to steal from the rich and give to the poor. However when they get caught it is the son of the peasant who is sent to jail. Twenty years later Yasser, now a journalist in Beirut, comes back to try to make up with Leil who is about to emigrate to Iraq.


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