Sost Maezen (Triangle) (Ethiopia: 2013)


Theodros Teshome

Cast list

Kristos Andrews--Switch
Mahder Assefa--Winta
Abebe Balcha--Dr. Abdurahim
Isabella Rain Barbieri--Little Margarita
Solomon Bogale--Kaleab
Steve Crest--Police Officer Crest
Joel Layogan--Dr. Sanchez
Jessica Mathews--Mrs. Abdurahim
Jane Monroe--Nurse
Alessandro Nori --Alberto
Chris Nuñez--Laborer
Traci Truehill--Homeless Woman
Bruce Van Patten--Border Patrol Agent Patten
Aaron Wyant--Officer Peterson


Writing Credit: Theodros Teshom


Recent Ethiopian history has been one unlike any previous era in Ethiopian history, mainly because of the out flux of Ethiopians immigrating to other countries looking for a change in life. Mahamer (Solomon Bogale) and Jemal (Muluken Teshome) are two who are willing to endure any travail to reach America and what they deem as a promise of a better life, but is it? Along the way Jemal meets Winta, who is from neighboring Eritrea and on a similar journey as Mahamer. Mahamer and Winta fall in love with each other as the group of Ethiopians and Eritreans travel an arduous and illegal path from East Africa through Libya, Italy, Mexico and finally to America, but their love for each other is tested thoroughly as the group meets up with violence, sickness and, ultimately, tragedy.

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