African Timber (Ghana: 2014)


Peter F. Bringmann

Cast list

Heiner Lauterbach - Peter Bechtle
Deborah Lacey - Victoria St. George
Julien Guiomar - Girolles Kofi
Baba Bucknor - Samuel Moriba
Said Amadis - Djerdan
Claus Fuchs - Erhardt
Fred Amugi - Kweku
Ernest Youngmann - Washington
Peter Neusser -Suedersen
Dietmar Schoenherr – Brasser


African Timer concerns dirty work in the lumber industry when the manager’s predecessor mysteriously dies. The new manager, Peter Bechtle, does not realize until he is too involved in his project that his dead manager was about to shut an illegal mahogany- smuggling operation down that was organized by the company’s corrupt owners.


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