M.I.S (Ghana: 2014)


Kelvin Dodzi Amewu

Cast list

Priscilla Oduah

Shanna B. Blankson

Zalia Abass

Caroline Tetteh

Faustina Aryee

Dorcas Aryee

Emmanuel Lamptey


Screenplay: Kelvin Dodzi Amewu


Africa is about to collapse. The future is not good, Call it Doomsday or maybe the “Student Cocaine”. The Examination council, especially, is in deep trouble. Soon all of its structures will be broken beyond repairs. This is due to the fact that JESSICA, a smugglers daughter and a non performing student of M.I.S has discovered a new pen which she believes will end the misery of every student in Africa, the I-PEN she calls it. With her new discovery, she consciously decides to destroy Africa with Ghana as her starting point. Interestingly she is supported by her rich friends, both alike in Character, DON TUNDE and SULE and with their mysterious associates: BONGO, SLEEP O’CLOCK and GURL. Will she be able to carry out this Diabolic Agenda?  Especially at a time the school's authority have decided to clamp down on students who desire to cheat in exams. Find out for yourself in M.I.S (The future School).