A Mile in My Shoes (Massafat Mile Bihidayi) (Morocco: 2016)


Said Khallaf

Cast list

Amine Ennaji (Said)
Raouia (Aunty/Rawia)
Mohamed Hmimsa (Mostafa)
Sanaa Bahaj (Hanane)
Othmane Lghafy (Namroud)
Mohamed Ayad (Hassan)
Meryem Bakouch (Maryam)
Noufissa Benchehida
Abdellah Ajil
Zohra Noujoum


Producers: Said Khallaf, Said Rihane
Screenwriter: Said Khallaf
Screenplay: Said Khallaf
Cinematographer: Ali Benjelloun
Music: Mohamed Oussama
Editor: Said Khallaf
Data manager (Camera and Electrical Department): Kamal Elmoutaouakel


The film takes place in modern day Casablanca, following the dark and tumultuous life of Said. In present day, Said is a notorious street criminal whose crew is known for muggings and burglary. But after a dignified police officer's wife named Maryam is raped, Said becomes the lead suspect, leaving the audience wondering if he is capable of such a depraved act. The film constantly flashbacks to moments in Said’s childhood, like his gang initiation and a family tragedy, that seem to shape the man he is today. It follows his fight against multiple male antagonists throughout his life, including an abusive step-father, bullies, and threatening bosses, all of which prey on Said in a sexual manor. Although Said is a man full of rage and violence, he has forgiving qualities like his friendship with his elderly landlord Aunty and his dreams of being a stable husband for his neighbour Hanane. But his criminal past keeps him for achieving any sense of normalcy or stability in his life. Ultimately, the film paints a very real and unforgiving picture of the life of street children in Morocco, with Said as its dangerous and heart-breaking result.


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Chloe Bishop

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