Lalla Hobby (Morocco: 1997)


M.A. Tazi

Cast list

Screenwriter: Noureddine Sail
Director of photography: Alain Morceau
Editor: Kahena Attia


Hamidou Benmassoud
Samia Akarriou
Naima Lamcharki
Anima Rachid


This movie is the sequel to M.A Tazi’s Searching for My Wife’s husband. The main character Al Hajj goes looking for his wife’s husband to get the marriage annulled and take her back. Unfortunately while trying to immigrate illegally into Belgium he is thrown into prison. His first wife Lalla Hobby takes over the household and the affairs of the business in his absence. And his family then tries to find him and bring him home.


Oliver Barlet, Lalla HobbyAfriculture

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