Pas Si Simple (Morocco: 2010)


Rachida Krim

Cast list

Razika Nayis
Ouassini Embarek
Fejria Deliba
Zinedine Soualem
Naima Triboulet
Twefik Jallab
Lila Gallot-Khelfa
Djida Belhaddad
Anas El Baz
Akrame El Meziane
Nicolas Giraud
Jean-David Lefebvre
Claude Lule
Salah Sassi


Rachida Krim
Catherine Ramberg
Safy Boutella
Kika Ungaro
Dominique Marcombe
Edolie Demey
Bouchra Fakhri
Isabelle Quillard
Malika Khelfa
Chriphe Chevallier
Isabelle Fauvin
Saadia Lotati


At the age of 22, a French Moroccan girl named Nadia is pressured by her parents to find a husband. She chooses Samir, a thirty year old uneducated farmer who loves her. Nadia, attempting to escape Samir's unconditional and infinite love, plans to go back to France as she is very unhappy in Morocco with her life.

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