L’Opium et le Bâton (Algeria, Miscellaneous: 1971)


Ahmed Rachedi

Cast list

Farroudja: Marie-José Nat
Ali: Sid Ali Kouiret
Chaudier: Jean-Louis Trintignant
Delécluze: Jean-Claude Bercq
Lazrak: Mustapha Kateb
Tayeb: Rouïched


Based on the novel by: Mouloud Mammeri

Screen Adaptation: Ahmed Rachedi

Music: Philippe Arthuys

Cinematography: Rachid Merabtine


This film is set during the Algerian War for Independence. It follows a doctor named Bachir Lazzak who leaves Algiers for the village in the mountains where he was born. The village's inhabitants are soon caught up in the war; the two camps, the French and the Algerians, fight near their village. They struggle to preserve their peaceful way of life despite the chaos around them.

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