A Costa dos Murmúrios (The Murmuring Coast) (Mozambique: 2004)


Margarida Cardoso

Cast list

Beatriz Batarda
Filipe Duarte
Monica Calle
Adriano Luz
Luis Sarmento


Producer: Maria J. Mayer
Production Designer: Augusto Mayer
Editor: Pedro Marques
Cinematographer: Lisa Hagstrand
Art Director: Ana Vaz


This is a film adaption of the novel by Lidia Jorge, with the same title. It focuses on the story of a woman whom has moved from Lisbon to Mozambique to marry a man who is currently enlisted in the military services. The relationship between the couple begins to become unstable once the disturbing truths of war are exposed – the racism, violence, injustice, and fatalism. The film addresses the view from an outsider moving into a country where violence is a norm and how this conflicts with the views from the locals who see this as their only choice.


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2010 Won Top Films of the Decade at CineEuphoria Awards

2005 Won Best Art Direction at Cineport Portuguese Film Festival

2005 Won Best Music at Cineport Portuguese Film Festival

2005 Nominated Best Film at Golden Globes, Portugal

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