Another Man’s Garden (Mozambique: 2007)


Joao Luis Sol de Carvalho

Cast list

Evaristo Abreu... Mangueira
Timoteo Maposse... Salvador
Maria Amelia Pangane... Jessica
Filomena Remigio... Lidia
Cristina Salazar... Ines
Gigliola Zagara... Sofia


Writing Credits:
Joana Smith
Goncalo Galvao Teles


A cinematic love letter to all the women who maintain their courage despite overwhelming odds, Jose Candido de Carvalho's inspirational drama follows a young girl from Mozambique as she sets out to realize her dream of becoming a doctor. Sophie knows that she has what it takes to study medicine, but when her professor proves less than honorable, it begins to look as if her unwillingness to compromise her values just cost her a coveted spot at the university. Well aware of the limited opportunities offered to women in her country, the determined girl refuses to bend to the corruption and misogynist attitudes that have caused weaker-willed women to buckle under the pressure.


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