Limpopo (Mozambique: 1970)


Jorge De Sousa

Cast list

Nelly Pinheiro... Industrialist’s secretary
Isabel Terna... Industrialist’s daughter
Mario Sampaio
Antonio Teixeira
Jose Bandeira
Henrique Campiao... Industrialist
Antonio Gomes
Maria Dilar
Francisco Gomes


Artur Macedo – writing
Jorge de Sousa – editing/producer
Joao Moreira – cinematography


Limpopo, dating from 1970, directed and produced by Jorge de Sousa, is a story about safaris where the protagonist was a rich 5 industrialist from Porto. It was filmed in Lourenço Marques, in the Limpopo colony and the Maputo elephant reserve.


Whispers, Bullets and Absent Presences: Africa in Portuguese Cinema by Paulo Filipe Monteiro. Kellogg Institute for International Studies, pp.4-5

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