The Train of Salt and Sugar (Mozambique: 2016)


Licino Azevedo

Cast list

Rosa… Melanie de Vales Rafael

Salomao... Thiago Justino

Pureza… Celeste Baloi

Taiar… Matamba Joaquim

Sete Maneiras… Antonio Nipta

Mariamu… Sabina Fonseca

Ascencio… Absalao Narduela

Celeste Caravela… Vitor Raposo

Bioneta… Absaloa Maciel

Adriano Gil… Mario Mabjaia

Omar Iman… Abdil Juma

Josefino… Horacio Guiamba

Herculano… Tonecas Xavier

Danger Man… Mario Valente

Amelia… Hermelinda Simela



Screenwriters: Licinio Azevedo, Teresa Pereira

Producers: Pandora da Cunha Telles, Pablo Iraola

Director of photography: Frederic Serve

Editor: Willem Dias

Music: Joni Schwalbach


Based on a true story set in the midst of the Mozambican civil war, a young nursing graduate boards a train with dozens of other refugees and salt traders in hopes of reuniting with her family. The civilians are both protected and harassed by a group of ill-disciplined soldiers. As it moves through the wartorn country, the train encounters many complications and the civilians are forced to work with the soldiers in order to reach safety.



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