A Crack in the Wall (Namibia: 2006)


Philippe Talavera, Ombetja Yehinga

Cast list

Loide Imasa                     Lize Ehlers
Grace Swartbooi             Norman Job
Ebenezer Naruseb          Dawie Engelbrecht
Barnabus Obchurub      Tanya Terblanche
Bergo van Wyk                Dudley Vialt
Mathew Murumbua       Elize de Wee


In September of 2006, a young female student, Susan Njikata (Loide Imasa), goes to a club with her friend, Caroline (Grace Swartbooi), Caroline’s boyfriend, Coliin (Ebenezer !Naruseb) and his friends Paul (Barnabas Ochurub), Ben (Bergo van Wyk) and Dave (Mathew Murumbua). They are having a great time together, until their fun time is quickly interrupted when Susan is brutally gang-raped. But it becomes unclear whether or not she is telling a true story or looking for a way to get medication to take after having unprotected sexual intercourse with two men. It is every character’s wish to find out what truly happened to Susan that night, and they will stop at nothing to find out.


Bethsheba Achtisa, “French Veterinarian and Theatre Director Turns to Filmmaking in Namibia.” Art Matters.

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