Light Bulb (Namibia: 2014)


Nicoline Louw

Cast list

Lawren’otto Pringle
Morne Venter
Tunico Shawn-will Deodato


Produced By: Morne Venter, Severiano Willemse

Written By: Nicoline Louw, Stephne Strauss, Severiano Willemse, Vicky Kootsen, Yvonne Conradie

Screenplay By: Nicoline Louw, Severiano Willemse


“Light Bulb” is a feature film that depicts the world in an apocalyptic state.  There is no more power or clean water and the supermarkets have run out of stock.  Agriculture has become inedible from all the pesticides and chemicals.  The story follows a young woman, Elli, who decides she must run away from her dismal fate and head towards the mountains to try to find a new life.  She is found and welcomed by a group of fellow refugees who she bonds with as they all have to make important decisions in desperation to stay alive, especially as government troops are set on their trail.

Academic Writing:
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