Namibia: The Struggle for Liberation (Namibia: 2007)


Charles Burnett

Cast list

Danny Glover: Priest (friend of Sam Nujoma)
Sam Hosea: Sam Nujoma
Joel Haikali: Young Sam Nujoma
Obed Emvula: Red
Carl Lumbly: Chrisjan Appollus


Producers:  Abius Awaake, Steve Gukas
Associate Producer:  Edwin Kanguatjivi
Executive Producer:    Uvsuva Kaumbi
Line Producer:   Antoinette Parkinson
Post-Producer:   Ed Santiago
Music by:  Stephen James Taylor
Cinematography By:  John L. Demps Jr.
Film Editing By:   Ed Santiago
Production Manager:  Nerissa Black
Assistant Director:  Leo Phiri
Special Effects:  Cordell McQueen
Visual Effects:   Cyril Schumann
Stunts:  Adam Horton, Cordell McQueen
Camera & Electrical Department:  Rob Muthamia, Sarel Pretorius
Casting Department:  Charl Boettger
Costume & Wardrobe Department:  Gisellah Gay McLeod


Charles Burnett’s “Namibia: The Struggle for Liberation” explains Samuel Nujoma’s rise to power as a prominent leader in Namibia’s struggle for independence from South Africa.  His childhood is explored in tandem with the oppressive history of the country.  After struggling with severe oppression and racism the majority of his life, Nujoma decides he is fed up and goes on to form the SWAPO political movement that eventually earns Namibia its independence.


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