Three and a Half Lives of Philip Wetu (Namibia: 2009)


Richard Pakleppa

Cast list

Ricardo Goagoseb

Callista Ngqula


Writing Credits: Justine Loots and Vickson Hangula


"Three and a Half Lives of Philip Wetu" is about a good-looking IT professional that has intercourse with multiple women. This leads to him ultimately contracting HIV/AIDS and changing his life forever. This film is interactive where viewers are able to influence the story line. The movie is aimed to show that HIV/Aids is not only aimed at those in the movie but also affects us, the viewers.


Karen Birdsall, “The Tangled Lives of Philip Wetu: A Namibian story about life choices and HIV.” Healthy Developments (online publications)

Academic Writing on the Film:

Lubango and after: 'Forgotten History' as Politics in Contemporary Namibia by John S. Saul and Colin Leys. Journal of Southern African Studies, Vol. 29 No. 2. (June 2003) pp.333-353

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