Tjitiji the Himba Girl (Namibia: 2014)


Oshosheni Hiveluah

Cast list

Tjitji  - Uno Kamoruao

Tjitji’s Father -  Maoongo Hembinda

Tjitji’s Mother - Tuakara Mutambo

Tamuna (Tamu) - Naimbona Licius Verihiva

Ester Kakoi Lesedi - Ngunotje Raphael

Bolingo - Kauna Willem

Muasahepi - Kehitire Daniel

Muasahepi’s Father - Utakara Ndando


Produced by: Namibia Film Commission


"Tjitiji the Himba Girl" is about an ambitious girl named Tjitji with big dreams that extends from her small village life. She has dreams to become a talk show host but her parents have different plans for her. Her life makes an unexpected turn when she finds out her parents are arranging he to marry a young Himba man named Muasahepi. She has to decide what to go against her culture or follow her dreams.


Rebecca Salmon, “Namibia Tells Its Own Stories.” The Southern Time (online newspaper)

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