FVVA: Femme, villa, voiture, argent (Niger: 1972)


Moustapha Alassane

Cast list

Zingare Abdoulaye
Sawadogo Bintou
Kouyaté Sotigui
Djingareye Maiga
Zalika Souley
Hemazro Ivonne
Ouedraogo Jean-Pierre
Boubacar Souna


Directed and Written by Moustapha Alassane
Music by Kuyaté Sotigui, Ensemble Super-Volta


Ali is a modest Nigerian civil servant who lives a respectable life in the city when his parents decide to marry him to a woman he doesn’t want. He is then embroiled in a whirlwind of expenses for proving their social success: woman, car, house, money. Pressed by financial needs of more and more importance, he turns to theft and finds himself in prison. When he is abandoned by all, his first wife shows her loyalty by waiting for his release.

Academic Articles:

Ukadike, Nwachukwu Frank. Black African Cinema. Berkeley: U of California, 1994. 171-2. Print.

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