Le Retour d’un aventurier (Niger: 1966)


Moustapha Alassane

Cast list

Zalika Souley
Harouna Diarra
Djingarey Maïga
Moussa Harouna
Ibrahim Yacouba
Abdou Nani
Boubacar Souna


Music: Nelos Amelonion
Sound design: Moussa Hamidou
Montage: Philippe Luzuy
Screenplay: Moustapha Alassane


Jimmy, a young African, returns to his village in Niger with a suitcase packed with cowboy outfits for all his friends: no longer are they Kali, Ibrahim, or Boubakar, but instead they are Black Cooper, James Kelly, and Queen Christine. Like real cowboys, they ride out into the range, antagonizing the village by teasing the chief’s cattle, getting drunk, and playing poker.

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