The Fruitless Tree (Niger: 2016)


Aicha Elhaj Macky

Cast list

Aicha Macky: Herself


Co producers: Sani Magori and Clara Vuillermoz

Editing: Aurélie Jourdan

Cinematography: Julien Bossé

Sound: Corneillie Houssou

Music: Dominique Peter


This is a documentary Aicha Macky made about her own life and her struggles with infertility. She discusses how it is customary for women to be frowned upon for being infertile.  A woman, Macky says, is like a tree producing fruits for her husband, but as an infertile woman she gets referred to as a tree without its fruits. There is much discussion of how women are meant to suggest a second wife to a man that they cannot give a child to. This is one of the many implications that Macky discusses that infertile women face.


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