Zerzura (Niger: 2017)


Chistopher Kirkley

Cast list

Ibrahim Affi:                    Uncle

Zara Alhassane:             Mother

Habiba Almoustapha:   Habiba

Rhissa Elryin:                  Man in Hole

Rhissa Koutata:              Bandit #2

Ahmoudou Madassane:   Ahmoudou

Guichene Mohamed:      Bandit #1


Music: Ahmoudou Madassane

Editing: Darren Hartman

Sound Department: Christoph Fleischer and Tobias Adam


This film has mythical and spiritual aspects. It follows a young man who embarks on a journey to a sacred oasis called Zerzura. On the way  he encounters many people that contribute to creating a surreal vision of the Sahara. This movie has aspects of folklore that add to the mythical aspect of the film.


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