Confusion Na Wa (Nigeria: 2013)


Kenneth Gyang

Cast list

Ramsey Nouah... Emeka Nwosu
Ali Nuhu... Bello
O.C. Ukeje... Charles Duka


Written by Tom Rowlands-Rees

Produced by Kenneth Gyang and Tom Rowlands-Rees

Cinematography by Yinka Edward


Set in a Nigerian city, Confusion Na Wa is a dark comedy about a group of strangers whose fates become intertwined over the course of 24 hours. At the heart of everything is a phone found by two opportunist wasters Charles and Chichi who, having read through its contents, decide to blackmail the owner Emeka. Little do they realize that their misdemeanors have set in motion a chain of events that will lead to their own downfall. Confusion Na Wa was winner of the 'Best Picture' category at the 2013 African Movie Academy Awards.


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