Karishika (Nigeria: 1996)


Christian Onu

Cast list

Becky Ngozi Okorie (as Karishika)

Bob-Manuel Udokwu (as Pastor Evarist)

Sandra Achums

Ifeanyi Ikpoenyi

Obi Madubogwu

Andy Chukwu

Steve Eboh

Sonny McDon (as Sunny Mc-Don W.)

Amaechi Muonagor

Adaora Ukoh


Language: English

Screenplay: Ifeanyi Ikpoenyi

Story: Felix Okoro

Production Co.: Tony Jicksons


Satan sends Karishika, a beautiful woman and the Queen of Demons, to Earth in order to initiate successful men into his Kingdom of Darkness. Karishika tempts these men with sex and money, and causes many to leave their wives and careers. While Karishika successfully converts many men into followers of Satan, she is eventually thwarted by one of her victim's wives, who turns to prayer in order to stop Karishika. This prayer turns Karishika into a variety of wild animals, and then sends her back to the spirit world, where she dies.


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Meagan Peters.


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