Monday’s Girls (Nigeria: 1993)


Ngozi Onwurah

Cast list


Monday Moses



Producer: Lloyd Gardner

Narrator: Caroline Lee Johnson

Photography: Alwin Kuchler, Simone Horrocks

Consultant: Titus Anyanwu

Anthropologist: Ibi Derekafa

Film Editor: Rod Iverson.


This documentary follows the lives of two Waikiriki women from the Niger Delta; Azikiye and Florence, as they undergo a traditional five-week long “iria” ritual. Whilst Florence is keen to participate in the ceremony, Azikiye, is continuously defiant, expressing her discontent with many aspects of the ritual. The film explores the girl’s contrasting responses to the rite of passage ritual, revealing many implications of modernity and its intersection with stagnant tradition, coming of age, and the subsequent contentions that develop as a result. Through narration and interviews, Onwurah affectingly depicts the multidimensional reality of the lives of African women in a way that is remarkably genuine by giving both girls a chance to speak for themselves, highlighting their agency.


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Entry published by: Reem Bushara

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