Mum, Dad, Meet Sam (Nigeria: 2014)


Tony Sebastain Ukpo

Cast list

Joseph Benjamin, Daniella Down, Helen Gold, Edith Nwekenta, Tino Orsini, Emily Lucienne


Writer: Segilola Ogidan (as Segilola Scott)

Co-Writer: Edith Nwekenta

Producer: Segilola Ogidan (as Segilola Scott)

Co-Producer: Edith Nwekenta

Music: Angella Nicholson-Porter, Jason Nicholson-Porter

Editors: Rebecca Goodeve, Shaun Richards, Dado Valentic

Cinematography: Giacomo la Monaca

Costume Design: Eda Giray

Makeup: Nina Igbino

Production Company: OKP Productions

Distributors: Relentless Global, Ten10 Films

Language: English

Running Time: 1h 35min


Mum, Dad, Meet Sam follows the story of Josiah Abiola, the highly successful only son of two well-off Nigerian parents. Josiah travels to London for work and returns to Lagos with a white British girlfriend named Samantha Smith. Upon this return, he has to face disapproval from his mother and ex, Morenike, who do not approve of his new mate. Josiah will have to gain the acceptance of his family while navigating the cultural differences between him and Sam.


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-Freddy Detchou