Oracle (Nigeria: 1998)


Andy Amenechi

Cast list

Ejike Asiegbu - Uche

Peter Bunor - Amaechi

Pete Edochie - Odimkpa

Enebeli Elebuwa - Ifedi

Joseph Layode - Chief Priest

Ameachi Muonagor - Igwe

Saint Obi - Obinna

Charles Okafor - Donatus

Prince James Uche - Ukadike


Format: VHS, VCD

Language: English

Runtime: 90 minutes

Producer: Ojiofor Ezeanyaeche

Production Company: O.J. International Limited


A group of ruthless thieves from Lagos will stop at nothing to turn a profit. When the thieves learn of the priceless Ogbakiri mask, a small village becomes the target. Greed prevails when a villager is offered 500,000 naira to hand over the sacred mask. It is a sacrilegious greed that angers the gods.


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Matthew McCarthey

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