Osuofia in London (Nigeria: 2003)


Kingsley Ogoro

Cast list

Nkem Owoh, Francis Odega, Cynthia Okereke, Victoria Summers, Sebastian Hall, Mara Derwent, Charles Angiama


Writer: Kola Munis, Emeka Obiakonwa, Kingsley Ogoro

Producers: Kingsley Ogoro, Kola Munis

Music: Kingsley Ogoro, Phil P. Penfold, Branford Marsalis

Cinematography: Jonathan Gbemuotor, John Osemeke

Distributor: Kingsley Ogoro Production

Language(s): English, Igbo

Running time: 105 minutes


A village man called Osuofia receives the shocking news that his brother who lives in the United Kingdom has died. At first, he acts indifferent but when he learns he is the benefactor of a large inheritance. He soon backs up his bags and heads to London. There he must battle navigating a completely different culture and his brother’s lawyer and accomplice Samantha who are doing everything in their power to steal his inheritance. From asking for Agege bread in McDonald's to chasing Pigeons in Piccadilly Circus, this film is never short of knee-slapping moments.



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Academic Article(s): Uchenna Onuzulike (2017) A critical analysis of the Nollywood film Osuofia in London, Journal of International and Intercultural Communication, 11:1, 81-95, DOI: 10.1080/17513057.2017.1343369

-Andreann Asibey

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