Rising Moon (Nigeria: 2005)


Andy Nwakolor

Cast list

Onyeka Onwenu
Justus Esiri - Justice Esir
Akume Akume - Efema
Arthur Brooks - Father Benedict
Maureen Solomon


Onyeka’s character is married to Justus Esiri’s x-ter. She’s been barren for a while. The chief priest in the village dies and the village is in turmoil. Onyeka is constantly being ridiculed and taunted about her condition, the family members bring Maureen in as the new wife. There’s a white priest in the village, and Onyeka goes to the Catholic church to pray to God to give her a child, she promises that the child will serve Jesus all his/her life if God grants her the wish. At the same time, Justus (loves his wife very much) goes to the traditional shrine and asks for a child also, and promises that the child will worship that god.

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