Sweetest Fruit (Nigeria: 2010)


Theodore Anyanji

Cast list

Mona Obiekwe
Tonto Dikeh
Johannes Mayier
Onyii Alex
Ejiro Okurame


The film tells the story of a man named Dylan who is currently unemployed and living with his girlfriend. He is unable to find work so he decides to take on his sings hobby as a career. His girlfriend decides to join him, as well as find work in other places in order to pay the bills. Coincidently Dylan has a look-a-like that he has never met named Dave, who is a multi-million dollar business owner. Dave enjoys the finer things in life and spends his free time drinking alcohol and with many different women. One day Dave hires a “personal secretary” who’s duties range from the office to the bedroom and ultimately falls in love with her. Will the fact that Dave and Dylan look alike spark a problem in the future for their significant others? Will the confusion between who is who ultimately ruin everything that each of them worked for in their lives?


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